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Courts and tribunals are awarding significantly large sums in damages to employees who claim their mental health has been unfairly injured through careless, negligent, reckless or intentional conduct on the part of their employers, managers, supervisors and other employees.

Legally enforceable standards for the protection of employees’ mental health and for the promotion of civility and respect at work are being set increasingly high.

These standards require employers to develop comprehensive policies and programs that will ensure a psychologically safe workplace.

The Neighbour@Work Centre® has been responsive to these rapidly escalating legal requirements. We offer policies and programs that focus on improving the quality of employment relationships to promote health and productivity in the workplace with a view to enhancing the general quality of life in families and communities.

We develop programs, policies and best advice. Our services include research and evaluation, training and education, consultation and public speaking. We work with clients to adapt the N@W® philosophy, theory and practice to the needs of particular sectors and professions.

In addition to conducting research on behalf of clients, the Centre facilitates the exchange and dissemination of leading edge research and information on workplace health and productivity.

We offer two levels of innovative service to improve the wellbeing of employed people and the effectiveness of the organizations they work for. Both are unique to the Neighbour at Work Centre® :

GuardingMinds@Work, a strategic approach to improving the effectiveness of an organization through enhancing the social and psychological wellbeing of its members.

Vital Workplace©, a programmatic and cultural approach to improving the effectiveness of teams and other work units through enhancing the social and psychological wellbeing of their members

Both initiatives are evidence-based and were conceived and originated by Dr. Martin Shain, principal of the Neighbour@Work Centre®. The services are delivered in partnership with trusted and respected professionals who share the philosophy of the Centre.

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